Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welcome to my little Story

I have been urged to start a blog by Bellydance enthusiasts who are interested in stories of the "Good Old Days"... and they were good old days for a dancer, to be sure. Dancers worked 7 nights a week and made money hand over fist, dancing to beautiful live music. I have stalled on this project for a long time, wondering to begin with, if my story was of any interest to anyone. I also realized I would have to delve into the dark side occasionally, and pondered whether or not to give aliases to protect the guilty, or perhaps a mix, using real identities for those memories of a more benign content. Most of all, how much time could I really devote to this, and for what benefit?
So I decided to jump in with both feet, which is how I've lived my life, and how you have to live if you're going to make a living in this crazy, fun & beautiful segment of the dance world - the beautiful art of Bellydance.
So this is my prologue, and I will begin dishing the dirt, and baring my soul in the first chapter sometime soon...